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Ground-breaking historical case reports published online for the first time in Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds, e-MED's open access online only case report journal, now hosts a whole series of Landmark Case Reports featuring some of the original case reports which changed the face of medicine.

Historical case reports are often cited but few have the opportunity to actually read them as they are notoriously difficult to locate. For the first time in the digital era, these ground-breaking case reports are available to read online or download - for free.

They are accompanied by modern insights written by the current experts in the field, and so far the series includes the original case report recounting the first heart transplant, the first demonstration of anaesthesia in Britain, as well as the discovery and description of Whipple's pancreaticoduodenectomy, Cushing's syndrome, Paget's and Addison's diseases.

The earliest report featured dates from 1855, the most recent from 1967. Each historical report is accompanied by a critique written by modern experts.

"The Landmark series will be a unique resource for teaching," said Frank Cross, Grand Round's Editor-in-Chief, "plus a good read for practicing clinicians, historians and anyone who thinks that we can learn from the past."

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